Head Stylist and Make-up Artist

Licensed stylist since January 1994
At Stylin’ Since May 1999

Emilie is the owner of Stylin’ and has been in the beauty industry for over 24 years. A Norwalk native, she opened Stylin’ in May of 1999. Well versed in hair styling and make-up, some of her favorite moments at Stylin’ have been participating in doing hair for the cast of American Idiot, donating her time to glam up young models for the Juvenile Diabetes Fashion Show to help raise money for juvenile diabetes, as well as being featured in the local newspaper for her salon’s many donated haircuts for the child-charity Locks-of-Love. Emilie is also the co-operator of “Model for a Day” which she runs with local photographer Rosemarie of Photos & Faces.

One of her favorite things about being a stylist: ”Helping people discover their inner self and having the ability to bring it out! ”

My Fashion Icons: Jayne Mansfield and Gwen Stefani (especially from her early No Doubt days). “I love vintage with a twist of Rock-n-Roll.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be a Photographer or a Teacher. A photographer, because I love how you can see the world differently and express that through photos. A teacher, because I love inspiring other people to do great things.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Asymmetrical haircuts and colors, lots of layers and vintage styling.

Motto: “In your head is the answer – let it guide you along. Let your heart be the anchor – and the beat of your song.”


Colorist and Stylist

Licensed stylist Since October 2011
At Stylin’ Since January 2012

Alyssa is best known at Stylin’ for her vibrant hair colors, color-melting and balayage technique. Whether it’s a sun-kissed ombre to something a little more vibrant, Alyssa is your go-to stylist. She’s created such published designs as her “Technicolor Tendrils” her multi-faceted “Mermaid Hair” and has made many a client a part of her vibrant-haired family. She’s always keeping up with the latest trends and guides you through your coloring process and hair after-care with a pride and professionalism that will make you honored to be her client. Some of her favorite memories at Stylin’ have been doing photo shoots, making life-long friends with clients and going to the Scruples Academy in Minnesota for workshops and filming on set with them for a new vivid haircolor launch!

Her favorite moments as a stylist so far: “Being sponsored by B3 and attending their 2016 L.A. retreat, being published in online magazines Behind the Chair and Modern Salon, and having an awesome Instagram following of over 65,000 people and counting!”

My Fashion Icons: Betsey Johnson and Amy Doan — “They’ve both created their own brand and have stuck to it. Something unique and out there – and they’re extremely successful.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be a pastry chef or an interior designer.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Balayaged and sun-kissed hair, color melting, vibrant hair colors and colored eyebrows.

Motto: “Your hair is the crown you never take off.”


Stylist and Make-up Artist

Licensed stylist since August 2011
At Stylin’ since September 2012

A graduate of the Honors Program at Paul Mitchell School and proficient in MAC and Bare Escentuals products, Holly has been making people beautiful since 2009. Our go-to gal for all our weddings and events, her vibrant personality combined with her professionalism easily explain why all of her clients love her. Holly is one of our stylists who specializes in vibrant hair colors. Her first love is still men’s cuts and she has a strong following. For any of the new, trendy men’s styles or if you need a beard shaping – come see Holly. She’s definitely your gal! In addition to her traditional makeup appointments, Holly also offers individual consultations. Some of her favorite moments at Stylin’ so far have been Having creative range on a model for a Stylin’ photo shoot and volunteering for a Breast cancer awareness event at the salon.

Her favorite moments as a stylist so far: “Getting to do make-up for six models for Murder She Wrote Clothing Company. I loved the backstage atmosphere!”

My Fashion Icon: Stevie Nicks because her style is dark, flowy and moody. Her style evokes emotion. She isn’t on trend. She is her own trend. And that is what is most alluring.

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be an eco-therapist – bringing kids into nature to heal depression and anxiety issues.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Long, layered cuts, curly texture and soft balayage color.

Motto: “Be yourself – not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”


Stylist and Make-up Artist

Licensed stylist since June 1998
At Stylin’ Since March 2014

Julia is our salon’s celebrity stylist. A former contestant on American Idol (in season 2, she made it to the Top 10!), she’s come back to her first love – hairdressing! Known by her fans as “the hair stylist from CT,” Julia has over 17 years as a stylist under her belt. She is always ready to help you achieve that new look you’ve been wanting to try – whether it be highlights, a new cut, or a complete make-over, Julia is here and excited to meet you! One of her favorite Moments at Stylin’ so far has been the 2014 holiday party. She loves spending time with all the girls outside of work. We also did karaoke – which was so much fun! And of course, she also loves our in-salon photo shoots.

Her favorite moments as a stylist so far: “When my clients leave the salon feeling and looking fabulous, confident and just plain HAPPY! There is no better feeling to her than knowing I’ve made someone’s day better.”

My Fashion Icon: Jennifer Lopez — “I love everything about her. Clothes, hair, skin …”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be an American Idol contestant!!”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Romantic hair and braids are stunning right now. I’m also a fan of shorter styles and asymmetrical cutting.

Motto: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.”


Colorist and Stylist

Licensed stylist since September 2013
Stylin’ Since June 2014

Khristine is a graduate of Paul Mitchell: Danbury, a school known for excellence, and Khristine is no exception! She specializes in Balayage hair painting, vibrant color services and great layered cuts. Khrsitine is know around town for her blow-outs. Whether you’d like curly or straight, sleek or full of body, she can give you a fabulous look guaranteed to last for days! Her favorite thing about Stylin’ is how everyone gets along and how much fun our clients are!

Her favorite moment as a stylist so far: “When a client leaves her chair happy. Whether they’ve had a subtle or dramatic change, the smiles are always the same size…BIG!”

My Fashion Icon: Nadia Aboulhosn “I love her simple, chic style and how she shows off her curves.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be a stay-at-home mom to my dogs.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Big natural hair. Embrace your natural texture — with the right products it can look like you just stepped out of the ocean!

Motto: “The best accessory someone can own is confidence.”


Stylist and Curly Hair specialist

Licensed stylist since September 2014
At Stylin’ Since Feb. 2015

Taylor’s passion is cutting hair. Whether it’s a short bob or a long layers, it’s one of her favorite parts of being a stylist. She is a Deva Curl Inspired Stylist – certified in levels 1 and 2 of the Deva Curl training and is on her way to becoming a certified Deva specialist! She is a wonderful addition to our family and we’re so lucky to have her! Taylor’s favorite thing about being a stylist is: “Just doing what I love is my favorite feeling in the world. I would say just seeing a client smile over their hair – whether it was from me, or another stylist – brightens my day.”

My Fashion Icon: Jennifer Aniston — “her style is simple yet beautiful, and that is how I love living my life.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be writing articles for magazines or writing my own books.” (I always loved creative writing in school!)

Style Trends I’m Liking: Short, edgy haircuts on ladies and I think it’s really fun to see old-fashioned haircuts on men coming back in style. My favorite style though is CONFIDENCE!

Motto: “Give love to get love.”


Color Specialist / Makeup Artist

Licensed stylist Since October 2015
At Stylin’ Since November 2016

Jimmy specializes in balayage, platinum services, grey and pastel tones, and vibrant colors. He loves going to classes to continue his education and bring you new knowledge and techniques but most of all, he loves making people feel beautiful – it’s his favorite thing about being a stylist!

My Fashion Icons: Britney Spears and Lady Gaga — “I love that they are fashion forward and always setting trends.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “I’d be a dancer! I’ve always had a dream to perform.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Balayage Highlights, Subtle Ombres, Grey Hair, Pastels and Vibrant colors!

Motto: “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”



Licensed stylist Since October 2014
At Stylin’ Since October 2017

Dayanara is our jill of all trades. Very open-minded and versatile, she enjoys learning it all. From barbering, to color, hilighting and updos, there’s nothing she limits herself to. It is important to her to pamper her clients and make them feel like they have a place to escape and relax. Not only does she want to make sure her clients look good, but also feel good. Her specialty is blow drying – especially thick, curly hair … bring it on!

My Fashion Icons: Rihanna. “She always dares to be different and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: : I would be a dancer. “Once the music is playing, my body naturally starts moving and I feel in my zone – like nothing around me matters.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Big kinky curls, balayage, asymmetrical cuts, skin fades and pompadour haircuts.

Motto: “Don’t limit yourself – versatility is key!”


Vintage Stylist and Updo Specialist

Licensed stylist Since January 2015
At Stylin’ Since June 2017

Erica adds a fun, exciting vibe to our team. She is originally from Florida, and moved to NYC 14 years ago to persue a career in fashion. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she worked in the industry in various positions, and began doing wardrobe styling for photo shoots. In addition to styling wardrobe, she was styling hair, which launched her career in editorial styling. For the past 13 years she has been a freelance editorial/ bridal stylist, specializing in vintage styling. “It is so nice as a freelance artist to now have a home base at Stylin’ and to be able to learn more cutting/color techniques from the talented staff.”

One of my favorite things about being a stylist: “Other than getting to be a part of a bride’s wedding day, it would be working on a movie set this year!”

My fashion icons: Jayne Mansfield, Mae West and the B-52’s. “I love all things vintage (namely the 1940s and 1950s). I love all of the color palettes, patterns and styles of the time.”

If I Weren’t A Hairdresser: “Since I have had another career, styling hair is my therapy, and what I truly love doing. When not styling hair, you can find me at the flea market or estate sales, hunting for treasure.”

Style Trends I’m Liking: While not too much of a fan of most modern trends, I can say I love the fact that having bright colored hair or pastel colors are more acceptable in the mainstream. I love all things bright, kitschy and fun!

Motto: “Life is nothing without obsession.”- John Waters


Manager / Receptionist

At Stylin’ since August 2018

Brittany is the newest addition to our team here at Stylin’! She has a background in business finance, and is eager to learn more about the beauty industry. Brittany is the first and last face you see when you visit the salon and loves to help in any way she can, whether that be scheduling your next appointment or making you a delicious cup of coffee! When she’s not busy, Brittany loves watching the stylists work their magic and transform your hair into something new.

My Fashion Icon: Emma Roberts — “Her fashion choices are such a cool mix of classic vintage and edgy- I’d die for her closet!”

If I Wasn’t At Stylin’: “I’d be a horror novelist or a holistic nutritionist – healing the body naturally with food!”

Style Trends I’m Liking: Vibrant colors and braids!

Motto: “Visions are worth fighting for- why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?” – Tim Burton